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When I was in primary, I told my dad I wish I could be a hippie when I grow up. When in high school, I made an effort to study and discovered that learning from text-books is something I can manage well; however, I knew a text-book can not possibly help me discover life. In late teens I managed to convince my parents that I can take care of myself and moved to London to pursue higher studies and work part-time. The inspiration provided by father’s entrepreneurial persona and a wish to join him in his business influenced my career path. On completing my course, I returned to my home-town and without any apprehensions, started attending to family business. Many things happened since, profits, losses, ups and downs, love and heart breaks, tsunami and accidents! Thankful for everything that happened and grateful for what I have with me and around! In all these years, I discovered a writer within … thus this blog and of-course my new found title, that of an author. The genre is fiction and you can categorise it as a spiritual drama, titled – Masterji. My debut novel is now available for purchase in stores and online on amazon and flipkart.I have also started work on my second novel, which traces its roots back to what I desired to be in my childhood. I have learned Kalaripayattu (martial art from Kerala) and Yoga. I am also a certified Yoga Teacher. Have plans to start a school someday ... nascent ideas -:)

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